PCB Pin Badges – Clamps SAO

I’ve been wanting to revisit my original Clamps pin badge for a while and replace the 5mm through-hole LEDs with reverse mounted SMD LEDs like my more recent Skeletor and Roberto PCBs.

Despite getting pretty close to sending the design off for fabrication, I was concerned that the product just wasn’t different enough from the existing Clamps design. So I decided to create my first Simple Add-On!


PCB Pin Badges – Clamps 2.0 (Part 2)

Just in time for the weekend all the parts for version 2 of my Clamps badge arrived!

Here’s a look at the bare PCB from OSHPark – annoyingly I had issues with the front ENIG finish on two of the badges, and the front soldermask on all three to varying degrees. OSHPark have sent some replacements off for fabrication but I decided to press ahead with the best of the bunch.